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A pioneering skincare product has hit the shelves at Compassionate Beauty and everyone is enthusiastic about it...and with good reason. The skincare line is called Lindi Skin and was developed to meet the specific needs of cancer patients. Lindi Skin collaborated with oncologists, dermatologists, nurses, and patients to formulate a complete skincare line to address this unmet need.



These clinically-proven products are calming and luxurious. Lindi Skin uses the finest ingredients, botanicals, and antioxidants for superior hydration. Patients in a recent clinical study at Northwestern University found that Lindi Skin products helped improve the quality of life and resulted in better tolerability of their treatment.


It is often said, “they didn’t tell me what would happen to my skin” during treatment, as this tends to be the less spoken about side-effect within the medical community. However, dry itchy skin, hand-foot syndrome, and a variety of other ailments can make a woman feel uncomfortable and significantly decrease her quality of life, while increasing her risk of infection.


The Lindi Skin line is comprised of a number of products that can benefit a woman as she prepares for surgery, post-surgical recovery, chemotherapy and radiation. Lindi’s multi-purpose products double up as “secret weapons” against treatment specific conditions. For example, an acne-like rash that develops on the scalp during hair loss can be treated with the Soothing balm, and a post-surgical scar’s appearance reduced with the Eye Hydrator. 

But these products are not just for cancer patients. Anyone battling dry, sensitive, or other compromised skin conditions will benefit from Lindi Skin too.

We are proud to offer you the complete line at Compassionate Beauty, the ONLY Lindi Skin Canadian retailer. We also offer it available for purchase at our online store with free shipping with purchases over $100.00!

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