Pamper. People are not always prepared for the less known side-effects that chemotherapy and radiation can have on the body. While these may seem insignificant in comparison to treatment itself, these additional challenges may add unnecessary discomfort or embarrassment. By enjoying our spa services offered to you, you can find relief from the following some of the common side-effects:

  • Dry and brittle nails
  • Weak, thin nails
  • Peeling nails
  • Ridges and lines
  • Pigentation changes
  • Dry, itchy or red skin
  • Hyper-sensitivity to products and aromas
Tailored for your needs. 
These common problems can be easily treated. There is, however, a misconception about “can I, or can I not enjoy spa treatments”? The answer is simple, yes you can have these services as long as they are performed by experienced and qualified specialists using high-quality products that have been manufactured with your journey in mind. It is also our pleasure and expertise to adjust treatments to suit every individual journey so you can still enjoy the simple treats in life. 
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