Freedom. Hair system programs are a really good solution for women wanting to fill areas of hair loss or offer complete coverage, while maintaining discretion and the ability to continue any and all activities in your life.

woman swimmingA hair system piece is custom designed by our technicians to fill a specific area of your scalp where there is hair-loss, or cover your entire head in the case of total or universal alopecia. Hair is knotted into a fine french lace base that can be bonded to the head, offering a seamless and natural look that is ‘all yours’. Within the program, the piece will be replaced 4-6 times throughout the year to maintain its quality.

Hair systems allow you to enjoy any activities in your life (swimming, intimacy, athletics, etc) without fear of falling off or being exposed.  

wig systemCare and Maintenance. Hair systems are constructed using fine french lace to look extremely natural and to allow your scalp to breathe. However, french lace is also a very delicate material. Proper care and maintenance will allow you to maintain the quality of the system so you can get the most out of it!

Approximately every 6 weeks, you should book an appointment to have your system cleaned and hair systemre-aligned. As mentioned above, every 2-3 months, we will replace your current piece with a new one.

Learn more. Book a consultation! We’d love to discuss all of our hair-loss solutions with you and find the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle.