Post Breast Cancer Surgery. “I wish I would have known!" are words we hear so often. The sentiment reflects the importance of knowing there are products available for your comfort immediately post surgery. Specialized garments will make the world of difference to your comfort and healing process.

Being comfortable means being prepared.  For your post surgical needs we stock comfortable drain management camisoles or brasOne of the most uncomfortable parts of your breast surgery recovery is your drain.  Each time it moves, it pulls on the open incision.  These camisoles keep the drains close to the body and safely in pockets. These are critical to your comfort for the first two to three weeks post surgery.

If you will be undergoing a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, you will also want to have a drain containmen garment. For additional products, please click here.

No mess, no movement and no pain.

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abc first formFirst Forms. We believe that in the post-op stage, a woman should be equipped with a lightweight breast form that makes her feel comfortable and confident. The “puffies” that are generously given at the hospital or are included within your post-op cami are a good option, but unfortunately don’t deliver a realistic shape. Made of light-weight molded foam, our leisure forms will help get you through the weeks following your surgery, and then will serve as the perfect breast form accessory after you’ve healed – to wear when relaxing, gardening, or travelling.

Another great option is a concave swimform. These forms are lightweight and because they are concave, won't put pressure or add discomfort to a surgical site. Your swimform will also become a great addition to your wardrobe as you move forward in your journey and start adding athletics or water activities back into your life.

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