cancer coupleIntimacy with your partner during cancer treatment might be the last thing on your mind. But did you know that sexuality during this time can have a positive effect on both the body and the mind. Those feel good hormones are necessary especially at a time of high anxiety. On a physical level, sexuality helps to oxygenate tissues, improve circulation and relax tense muscles. All of which help to support good health on a cellular level which is essential to someone living with cancer. Side effects from cancer treatment can create many challenges for both sexes. Some of them are short term and can be alleviated through the help of your cancer coach and doctor. However, some side effects can be long term and men and women in their 20s-30s that are considering children may want to look into options such as adoption or freezing eggs or sperm in case of infertility. Being prepared and communicating with your partner about your fears and concerns will help to alleviate anxiety and what could become added stress. As you re-engage in sexual relations, be open to discovering new types of contact that help to make you more comfortable. Communication between you and your partner is necessary and you might even find that you benefit from addressing intimacy concerns that you may have had prior to receiving your diagnosis.


Carrie Mullaly, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Professional Cancer Coach -

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