chemobrainFor many of our clients, transitioning back to work can be more difficult than they expect. Many continue to deal with the mental and physical after-effects of their treatment, and some are concerned about the reaction of their colleagues. Perhaps you are looking to change your career path and will be facing a long line of interviews.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is extremely important no matter how you get back into the workforce. This may mean rocking your post-chemo hair style,  making a hairpiece a part of your daily routine, being fit for a new bra and prosthesis,  or simply purchasing a desk fan to deal with the hot flashes!

Never hesitate to call us and discuss your challenges. You’re not alone in tackling this challenge, and we might have the perfect solution that you didn’t know was out there! Give us a call today 403-686-6936; we’re all ears.

Here are a few great tips to get you started:

Short hairstyle: Your very first post-chemo cut is on us! Often, hair grows back a little uneven. it's quite typical for the sides and back to grow faster than the top (just another wonderful thing gravity does to our bodies). As your hair grows, talk to your hairstylist about cool styles or colours you can try as you transition to your desired length. Many women even love their short style, which they never would have tried before!

Thin Hair: Did your hair grow back thinner than it was before? Is it patchy? You're not alone! Many of our clients make wearing a hairpiece apart of their new routine. Hairpieces clip into your existing hair and add volume where its needed. Often made of real hair, these pieces can be styled to your desire. We are proud to offer custom hair pieces - shapes and colour. We also offer an incredible line of scalp-care products called Terapo Medik. This is a professional line that addresses the ROOT of the problem - the follicles and scalp. Give your locks the best chance to reach their potential with Terapo Medik. We offer consultations, in-house treatment, and the complete line. 

Take 10 years off your look! Ge the right bra and breast forms! Not only will you feel like a million bucks, but being fit for the proper breast form and bra will also help with your physical comfort - keeping your posture alligned and balanced. Book your private consultation. We also carry a great line of leisure wear - with tanktops that house a breast form, and look GREAT under a blazer or cardigan for work.

Chemo brain! Chemo-brain IS a real thing, and people deal with it in a variety of ways. We recommend keeping an organizer or tablet handy at all times to keep you on track. You might also consider talking to your supervisor or team-members about chemobrain so they aware of the condition. De-stressing and exercise are two great ways to combat the effects of chemobrain. You can de-stress with us by enjoying a relaxing massage or spa treatments.

Hot flashes: One of the biggest complaints! What can we say...invest in a desk fan! Bamboo textiles can also help wick away the sweat when you flash.

Lymphedema: You may think your arm sleeve is an eyesore, but don't neglect your lymphedema management at work! If you need a little "pizazz", check out our line of LympheDiva sleeves. Become the style icon of your workplace, and spread awareness about lymphedema. Add another dimension to your lymphedema management through the effective practice of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Our Dr. Vodder trained therapist will work wonders, while you enjoy our spa setting and some relaxation. 

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