Featured on CNN, getting your nipple tattooed by a specialist might be the solution you are looking for. After breast reconstruction surgery, many women are seeking out a way for their breasts to look their most natural, and are turning to nipple tattoos as a way to achieve that. But who is performing these tattoos, and what level of artistry should a woman expect? Our answer, seek out a medical tattoo artist who specializes in areola repigmentation.

Professional medical tattoo artists can provide women with a customized areola and nipple. For women who didn’t have the nipple built after surgery, an artist can even create a 3D illusion of a projecting nipple. Vinnie Myers, a tattoo artist says, “The standard in the industry for so many years has been draw a circle and colour it in.” Medical tattoo artists like Vinnie and our own Jody are combatting this standard by delivering the natural results that their clients are looking for.

If you have undergone breast reconstruction and are unsatisfied with the nipple tattoo you may have already received, book a complimentary consultation with Jody, medical tattoo artist and areola repigmentation specialist. Together, we can help you feel and look your absolute best.

To learn more about Jody Stoski, Compassionate Beauty's Medical Tattoo Artist, Click here.

Check out this CNN video below:

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