Share. At Compassionate Beauty, we feel so fortunate to have built relationships and been involved in the journeys of so many amazing women. It is through these testimonials that we are able to learn and grow so we can continue to offer a comfortable and safe environment for women to nurture and pamper. Thank you to all of our very cherished clients for making our journey so meaningful.



“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa




I wanted to say Thank you for what you doing for so many people. My sister, Annette passed away in 1990, from a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. I so wish there was a place like yours back then to have helped make her feel more beautiful in her final days, it would have meant so much to her. I would like to welcome you to Surrey BC.


-          Sister


Good Morning

I wanted to share a good story with you today. My Aunty just had a mastectomy a few weeks ago.She is clear now but still has to undergo Chemo (4 rounds) and Radiation (32 sessions in a row).I mentioned Compassionate Beauty to her and as my sister does not work she went with my Aunty to the shop.  She had such a great experience, she got a 'real hair' wig, prosthetic and bedtime sleeping cap.  My Aunty didn't really want it but her consultant there said she would not let her leave without one and explained how cold she will be at night once her hair does fall out. I just wanted to say thank you Saundra and Len for the fortitude to believe in this service to the numerous women out there going through the same thing as my Aunty. She has a great attitude and was very very grateful for the consultant at Compassionate Beauty.

Thank you from all of us for being involved in such a gracious way as this (my family).

- Niece of Client



I was at Compassionate Beauty a couple if weeks ago with alopecia and was greeted nicely, offered a drink, and brought into a private room to talk about my hair loss and possible solutions. The last I met with was extremely knowledgable, caring and understanding. She fully understood that I was uncomfortable and did a great job of taking that and making everything feel ok. Love the ladies there!!!! I recommend this god send place and their angel staff!

- Alopecia



I was just in Calgary (June 2013) and dropped into Compassionate Beauty. It had been a year ago from my last operation and a year and a half after my first operation and finally I had decided to get some information. Well I went from information, into fitting, into crying a bit, laughing a bit, then buying and having a wonderful surprise that AB Health helped so much and then a huge warm hug that helped very much to take away some of the sorrow out of me. Thank you to Lydia and everyone else who helped me that day. When I got home and wore my beautiful new chest - at first no even noticed – so how wonderful was that that Lydia, you helped me to look so natural! I’m standing up taller, feel more balanced than I have for quite a while now. Truly, yes truly I was beaming when I finally walked out of this beautiful shop. Thank you, thank you, and many more thank yous.


- Breast Cancer Client


To the staff at Compassionate Beauty,


I’ve attached some pictures of my wedding and want to let you know how perfectly it went!  I wanted to stop in and tell you all about it right away but I haven’t been up to Calgary since.  People who came to the wedding said to some of my bridesmaids, “I thought Lauren lost her hair…”  It was perfect!  Even though they knew I didn’t have hair, they didn’t think that I didn’t have hair J  My wedding day wasn’t about having Cancer and I thank you so much for helping make that possible.


I’ve finished chemo and radiation and now just have to take Tamoxifen daily. I wear my hair to work everyday but my own hair is starting to grow back.  Where my hair was brown before, it’s coming in quite blonde and so I’m just getting used to it.  My mom says that whether or not it was the hair color I had before, it is my hair now!  Very true. 


Thank you for everything!"


-          Client


“As of last Friday, I completed my radiation and chemotherapy treatments. I would not have been able to make it through these past 10 months without the support of your staff.


Colleen – who knew without a doubt that I wasn’t ready to have my hair shaved at my frist appointment and didn’t push the matter but gave me a short cut and said return when you feel it is time. She also did a fantastic job of finding the right wig for me and I have received many compliments.


Lydia – my guardian angel who listened and listened as I lamented about my lymphedema. She was also wonderful helping me find the right prosthesis and clothing to assist me through the transition periods.


I will be around frequently for lymph massages which I must say are awesome.


What would I have done without all of you? Where would I have found the products I needed? How would I have known what was required? I can’t thank you enough.”


-          Client


Good morning,


I attended the Look Good Feel Better workshop at the Canadian Cancer Society in Calgary on Tuesday, January 17, 2012. I was anxious and didn't know what to expect, but I was immediately welcomed and felt like I truly belonged. It was so nice to be with a group of women going through the same challenges.  We all looked so great at the end of the workshop - wow!!


I want to thank the LGFB foundation for this fabulous program. You give women with cancer the gift of confidence and a greater sense of self-esteem. We are beautiful and having cancer does not take away from this. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


I want to thank the Canadian Cancer Society volunteers in Calgary who so gracefully hosted us. They were all wonderful.


I want to send a special thanks to the wig specialist, Colleen. She was so knowledgable and had so many wonderful tips and ideas, all presented in a sensitive and caring way. The greatest loss for many women, including myself, is our hair. Colleen made us feel special and showed us how we can look great on any day, no matter how we are feeling. Her genuine, caring spirit shines through and in turn, it lifted my spirit immensely.


I am striving to look good every day of my journey. Thanks to your program, it's easy, and even fun!! Thank you for helping so many women - what a beautiful gift you are giving us!


With gratitude,


- Look Good Feel Better attendee


I want to take the opportunity to thank you so very much for the very wonderful way in which you assisted me in fitting and finding appropriate breast forms and bras to make me feel like a woman again. I cannot thank you enough for the sensitive and caring way you approached everything. It made me feel confident that I would leave there feeling so much better about being out in public. I think Compassionate Beauty is such a great service... more than a store... all part of perfect healing. I was recommended your establishment by a couple of friends and I will be sure to recommend it to others in the same position as myself. Please know that you truly make a difference. I cannot believe how much better my clothes fit and that I forget that I have on a prostheses. What a transition to feeling normal again. The one thing I would like to truly reiterate would be that the Nurse Navigators at the Breast Health Centre should be much more proactive in handing out information re camisoles with pockets for drains BEFORE we go into surgery. It would have made my life so much more bearable at a time when it was most difficult, especially since I had two weeks of enduring the drain; going to my appointments was a source of anxiety for me being that I had to find ways to hide the drain and cover up completely. Thank you again for your wonderful services and hope that I will be seeing more of you as I come in and enlarge my wardrobe with your wonderful products.


 -Breast cancer survivor


Hi Saundra,


Just a quick note to thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your wonderful encouragement and support today when I came in to buy a breast and bra. As this is all new to me, how do you think it felt to walk out of your store feeling like a whole person again? Well let me tell you, I did not think that it would have had as much of an impact on my self esteem as it did. I went to meet some friends for coffee after seeing you, and the look on my face must have told everyone that I am confident, healing and doing as well as can be 1 week after surgery, which I am. My friends I think were expecting me to only be showing one breast and when I looked as normal as always, I think they were pleasantly surprised.


I have already told some friends about what a wonderful set-up you have, so you should be seeing me soon again for some other beautifying treatments, and hopefully some other friends as well. I will also be going to a support group with some other women who have had recent mastectomy surgery on May 26, you can be certain that I will be tooting your horn at that gathering.


I hope every women like me knows that you are out there fighting breast cancer too!




- Breast cancer survivor


It's been a year since I first wondered into 'Compassionate Beauty'. I remember feeling anxious and overwhelmed, by diagnosis, by my "missing" breast, and by my pending chemo, radiation and hair loss.


However, thanks to the support and services you offered, my journey through breast cancer has been easier. I can't tell you how many compliments I had on my wig! I was able to go out in public with Confidence and security. The same can be said for the lingerie, bathing suits and breast forms I've purchased from you. I never felt conspicuous or frumpy! And--- it was wonderful to come into the spa and be pampered, knowing you understood my physical needs at the time.


Thank you for the warmth and the empathy you have extended me. You are truly Compassionate Beauties.


- Breast cancer survivor


Hi Saundra,


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how impressed I am that you have created such a special place for cancer patients. I read the article in the Herald and on-line at Global, and was moved enough to write. My sister, at age 35, died of a rare and aggressive form of cancer three years ago. I went through it all with her - the treatments and emotions were horrible enough, but then having to deal with all of the physical changes at the same time was extremely tiring, physically and emotionally. She spent so much time figuring out where to find wigs, could she go for massage, who could shave her head in private, and on and on. As you know, a private, compassionate and convenient haven such as your shop is, unfortunately, much needed. I'm sure that the people who use it also find comfort in meeting others who are experiencing the same challenges.


Good luck and thanks.


- Sister of breast cancer


To the very special 'compassionate beauties' that really make a difference, Mom could not stop talking about how great her skin felt after her facial. Thank you!


- Lung cancer


Ovarian cancer opened my eyes to the little joys in life that I was either too busy or too frugal to indulge in. After my diagnosis, surgery, chemo and radiation, I decided I needed to say 'yes' more often. I needed to try to focus more on living in the moment. As a busy mother of three, I had primarily lived through everyone else, putting their needs before my own...and I did so willingly.


Now, after all the challenges of my cancer journey I have discovered my inner strength and my zest for life, and I have made a vow to treat myself better then I did when I thought I'd live forever. One of my best indulgences so far has been at "Compassionate Beauty"! After Angela's foot massage, relaxing pedicure and beautiful manicure, I felt uplifted and ready to take on the world again!


Thank you for unselfishly devoting your energy and time to make woman like me feel whole again. Your beautiful day spa celebrates my spirit and makes living in the moment a truly pleasurable experience.


Love and hugs,


 - Ovarian cancer survivor


 Thank you for being my 'life-line'. You helped me face and live with some pretty tough things.


- Breast cancer




You have made this past year for me bearable, with many "ah-ha" moments that filled my heart with love & hope for the future, not only for me but for the other fabulous woman who came before and since me.


- Breast cancer


Thank you so much for all that you've done for me and all the woman whose lives you will touch with your amazing spirit-all my love.


- Breast cancer


You have a wonderful place, a huge heart and the warmth of many woman.


- Breast cancer


Dear Compassionate Beauty,


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful services.


When I started to lose my hair from chemotherapy, I dreaded the idea of having to go to a regular salon to get my head shaved, also, I wig bank was definitely not for me for I did not want a used wig. Also, I wanted privacy. and there you were, with a wonderful and knowledgeable attitude. It was so meaningful for me and so less stressful, when I entered the doors of Compassionate Beauty.


Your concept is right on target. I need somewhere to go where the staff understands and I feel safe. And, what a wonderful idea you have, offering other services, such as massage and make-up consultation. I hope I am not sounding vain, but it makes a WORLD of difference that I look like me. In addition looking better makes me feel so much better and I believe that this gives me even more strength to beat this disease.


Thanks again,


- Cervical cancer


It has been a great pleasure getting to know you a little the last few months. Thank you for all you do to make the lives of the survivors better!! You are a treasure!!


- Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation


Thank you for your caring & compassionate services. I loved the wig and got many compliments on it. But also glad to be rid of it!! Hugs.


- Cancer survivor


I Wanted to Thank you so very much for caring about how I am. You have changed my life for the better by helping me look and feel like myself again. Both of you are doing the work of angels. 


- Breast cancer


Thank-you so very much for all of your support. Your spa is such a warm and loving place to come into. I never once felt discouraged. Thanks again, and all the best.


-Breast cancer 




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